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Bernalillo, New Mexico, 87004

Placitas Wild Board of Directors
Jennifer Lesh, President
Tony Hull, Vice President
Sandy Johnson, Recording Secretary
Karen Tyler, Fundraiser Chair

Tina Mertens, Advisory Board Member


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Donations & purchases

                    Placitas Wild Horses Need Your Help
Due to unforeseen circumstances, in the next few days, we must begin the removal of the majestic wild Mustang horses from their current sanctuary, which has provided a safe haven for 3 ½ years.
                                       We looked into their grateful eyes and made a promise …
                          WE WILL KEEP YOU SAFE.  NO KILL BUYERS.  NO SLAUGHTER.
Now we have an urgent need for your help to keep that promise. With no other sanctuary available for 70+ horses, they have nowhere to go except a choice of small corrals unless another sanctuary becomes available in the immediate future. Transportation cost alone will be catastrophic for our current budget.
Adopt one or more magnificent Mustangs. Ideally, we'd like to keep family members together, but a safe home is our first priority.

A mustang is incredibly rugged and surefooted, yet beautiful and small. They are intuitive and highly aware of their surroundings, which makes them excellent trail horses. A deposit of $75 will reserve your gently-trained mustang. Adoption fee is $125.

You can make donations to Placitas Wild, a New Mexico non-profit via our website All donations are tax deductible and go toward preparatory care for adoption, feed, and transport.
Mustang Camp, which gently trains mustangs for adoption, has offered their services to help the Placitas Horses get homes. While they are donating their time and expertise, we will have several expenses, which include, but are not limited to, veterinary care, vaccinating, gelding, micro-chipping, hay, transport, etc. The overall cost is estimated at $600 per horse for 70+ horses. Any donation amount is gratefully appreciated. A group of small corrals in Placitas will be available. In addition, several pastures in Bernalillo are available for rent @ $25 per horse per month.
                             2019 WILL BE THE LAST PLACITAS WILD HORSES CALENDAR.
                                           Your purchase will help fund their care and transport.
                                         Please Help Us Save The Placitas Wild Horses.
                                                         You are their future.

                                      For more info please contact Sandy Johnson @ 505-771-8174